Recent advances in artificial intelligence have led to a range of concerns about the ethical impact of the technology. This includes concerns about the day-to-day behaviour of robotic systems that will interact with humans in workplaces, homes and hospitals. One of the themes of these concerns is the need for such systems to take ethics into account when reasoning. This has generated new interest in how we can specify, implement and validate ethical reasoning. The aim of this workshop would be to look at formal approaches to these questions. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

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We will accept three types of paper prepared using the EPTCS LaTeX style.

Papers should be submitted using OpenReview. The paper type should be included as part of the paper title. Reviews will be single-blind. Please note that OpenReview can take up to two weeks to approve a new profile registration that does not contain an institution email address.

We intend to host informal workshop proceedings on OpenReview.

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This will be a half day workshop with informal proceedings, consisting of short talks and opportunities for discussion. More information to come.

Program Chair

Louise Dennis, University of Manchester

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